News and Match results

Another 2.5 Victory!

The Simsmore 2.5 ladies knew they were going to face some stiff competition from Canton, since they had lost earlier in the season to them back at home in Simsbury. Now, they had to face them again at their facility and comfort zone, with their coach watching and clapping for them. Simsmore D2 had a new paring with Sophia joining Heidi. They used their size advantage to force the action at the net, and Canton kept getting stuck at the baseline. Before even 30 minutes had passed, they were up 4-0. Canton made one surge at the end of the first set by breaking Heidi’s serve once, but Simsmore broke right back and kept up the pressure with very consistent strokes by Heidi and some powerful forehands by Sophia to close the set 6-2. After that, the confidence and momentum was all on Simsmore’s side, and they made quick work of the 2nd set. Sophia’s family arrived just in time to see them close it out 6-0 and finish their match first. D1 Doubles had the toughest match up of the day. It was apparent that Jude and Nicky were playing two very experienced ladies from Canton. Jude and Nicky worked the net, worked the lobs, worked the angles, but it just wasn’t enough. Nicky’s family arrived to cheer her on, just as they lost the first set 1-6. The second set played out pretty much the same. Try as they did to mix up the action, using their quickness and teamwork, they still couldn’t seem to get a winning momentum going in the 2nd set, and lost it as well at 1-6. Judy, who was playing against a lefty for her first time, took the singles slot for Simsmore. Both players won their first serves, but Judy broke her opponent’s serve in the 3rd game to take a 2-1 lead, and that momentum carried her for the next few games. Canton’s S1 broke back and won two games in a row at the end of the first set, but Judy served it out at 6-3. The second set didn’t start too well for Judy. The Canton lefty was using her strong forehand to keep Judy back and quickly went up 3-0. But Judy dug deep, winning her serve at 1-3, then started to use more angles and deeper shots to take back control. Suddenly it was all Judy, as she ran off 6 straight games to win the second set 6-3 and seal the match for Simsmore. Congratulations on another strong team win for the Simsmore 2.5 ladies squad..

Men's 4.0 Team heading to districts!!

Nice solid victory today against FF. They had a lot of trouble fielding a team, only 3 lines contested, but good for us to win two of them. Jason lost 10-7 in a 3rd set tiebreaker at S1. But Aram and Mike K won in straight sets at D1 and Len and Mark won in straight sets at D2. Special thanks to JonS, Lowell, and Jeff for also being available today. As it turns out I was available also, but no credit is awarded because it was after the fact! So now we are champs, heading to districts! A well earned visit. Thanks Jeff for the good lineups. Between now and then we have two more matches, both against Pinewoods. Last weekend in March and the first weekend in April. They’ve been competitive with the other three teams this season. We’re stronger than them, but we still have to prove it on the court. -Reported by Tim Ruark

Tough loss for smashers!

Congratulations to our two winning lines from yesterday’s match! Lisa @ S2 & Karen & Jennifer @ D3! I’m sorry I had to leave before Lisa was off the court, but it sounds as though she gave it all she had & in her words “crawled off the court” after a third set tie-breaker! Although I’m sure she’d agree the win is usually worth the pain! We were all there to congratulate Karen & Jen on their success, quite handily as well! It appears they work great together & are quite a duo! Laura @ S1 had an amazing match against another 3.5 player, winning the second set without giving her opponent a game! It came down to a third set tie-breaker which her opponent squeaked out the final points! Challenging to play in between a “two” Bar Mitzvah day! Liz & I @ D1 had a tough match with some good points which were not reflective of our scores! We’d love a rematch, but they’ll be playing 3.5! DiAnne & Michele @ D2 had a great match with very close scores @ 4-6 4-6! They’re nicely matched as teammates & played as Claudia has taught “the front person driving the bus”! A few issues occured on their court that heated up the afternoon & appear were “lessons learned” for all of us in terms of court rules! I’ll do some research, since most are not addressed in the short version of our rules and get firm answers on the following… Can a player leave the court with his/her racquet during a match? Can two teammates leave the court together during a match for a bathroom break? Can a player drink between each game or only when changing sides and not between the 1st & 2nd game? Is the match forfieted by a team if a teammate from another court walks on the court still in play? Great playing everyone! Next match is 3/20 @ 2:00 in Rocky Hill. -Reported by Captain Patti Maciag

Simsmore 2 mixed 8.0 team remains undefeated!

This was not an easy match today against the Veldman Canton Team. They look to be the second place team. We managed to win 2 of 3 positions maintaining our undefeated record. Carolyn and Aram lost 7-6:7-6 against Craig Cutler who was just too crafty. Carolyn C and Greg won in doubles 2 and Kim and Jason won in line 3. Welcome to team Jason Lenore and congratulations on your win. -Reported by Captain Carolyn Lee

Cosmos win again!!

We took 3/5. All doubles lines won. singles weren’t so lucky but they had great matches. Their results don’t show it. Penny and Pam won 6/1, 6/4. Marianne and Angela won in 2 tie breaks. Rachel and Charlotte won in 2 sets. Stephanie got to play the personnel trainer that got every single ball hit to her, yes it was ugly but Stephanie played great. Lisa had a great match at S1. The girl she played was ranked a 3.5 and gave Lisa a run for her money. It was down to the very last point and it ended in the ball hitting the net and dribbling over to end the match. Our next match is March 6 at home against Farmington Valley. Doubles at 1:00 and singles at 3:00. We only have 3 matches left and we need to win at least 2 lines each match to make it to Districts. It’s time to dig in deep Cosmo Girls and pull out 3 more wins. We are now 9/2!!!! Way to go ladies!!! -Reported by captain Pam Whalen

Perfect racquets victory!!

I am happy to report that the Perfect Racquets put one in the W column last evening. Thank you to all that played and to the friends that cheered us on. S1 Audra took out Maxine in a match tie-break. She arrived at the club looking a bit under the weather and taking motrin, not a good sign I thought. Oh how wrong I was… S2 Catherine won easily in two sets. She was very composed, the ground stokes were beautiful! Her opponent spent lots of time shaking her head wondering what she should do next! D1 Geri and Deanna played a very challenging team…We had moments of splendor and some of disaster trying to get it going. We fought hard and just could not get ahead! D2 Kim and Jeanne also fought hard. The points that I was able to catch looked great with Kim and Jeanne all over the court…Next time gals… D3 Heidi and Julie P. won easily in two sets. They were simply too strong for their opponents…Way to go gals. Our next match is March 13. Let’s put another in the W column… -Reported by captain Geri Paradis

4.0 Men's victory at Middlebury!!

Everybody has to lose sometime… it’s just not our time yet. We posted a 4-1 victory at Middlebury today. Aram won 6-3, 6-2 at S1. Chaz also won, but I didn’t catch the scores. Although singles and doubles played at the same time, it’s great to be up 2-0 as we engage in doubles. Jeff and Tim won at D1, 6-2 and 6-3. And I know Lowell and Jason won in straight sets at D3. JonC and MikeO played the toughest opponent at D2, and came up a little short. That puts our team record at 5-0. Everyone else has at least 2 losses, and most have 3. So, we’re doing really well, with only three matches to go. We don’t play next weekend, but we may play the weekend after, so as soon as we have a date and time, I will solicit feedback on availability. Keep up the great work guys! -Reported by Tim Ruark

4.0 Women Match Results

Well, today’s matches were all two sets. We lost 2:3 in the end but it was another close one. Linda and Danna faced Death By Lobbing from Emily and Gail and ended up being ground down by them. I was next to them and it was painful to watch/hear never mind painful to play in it!! D2 (Heidi and I) and D3 (Denise and Michele) won in straight sets. S1, Liz, gave a valiant performance but lost 4-6 5-7 against Yen and Sharon lost to Mary Byrne in another extremely close match 5-7 6-7. This was a great first match for the team, Sharon, you should be proud of yourself! Just one thing that came up – if players are having difficulty with scoring (especially with timed / unfinished matches) then they have to be left to themselves to work it out. No one is allowed to help them or go on the court and talk to them. This is why it is important for each player to have a copy of their rules in their bags and to have read them and make sure they know how it works. The rules are really tough when you run out of time, often down to “sudden death”. Our next match is March 6th at home. Singles at 9am and doubles at 11am. Thanks team. Great effort. And a special thanks to those who didn’t play and who wished us luck! -Reported by Captain Julie McNeill

Tough loss for simsmore smashers!

At S1 we had Laura, who played against another player, who was ALSO promoted to 3.5. The other player must have been Super-Serena-good because she managed to beat Laura 6-2, 6-3. These ladies were very evenly matched, and we were surprised by the outcome. Our surprise turned to concern when we found out we defaulted S2. Doubles time….. so we come in, knowing we are 2 down, and now EVERY doubles line had to win, in order for us to win the match. D3 finished first and quickly. Anne was on fire, with her blazing cross-court returns and consistent playing. I want to thank Claudia for correcting where I stood while my partner served yesterday. I played much closer to the net than I usually do. This allowed me to poach the VERY first point successfully! That set the tone for the rest of the match, they were scared. We were aggressive, used our split-steps, our tosses were good, serves were hard for them to return, we lobbed successfully, we came in together and rocked at the net. We had a DECISIVE (6-0!!!!, 6-3!) victory today. That’s one for the Smashers… D1 finished next. Our Captain Patti and our Catherine were well-matched with the other team. Catherine was sportin’ the latest in fancy hairpins that gave her excellent visibility, her edge, and I dare say, style! These strong players attribute their very close but clear 6-4, 7-6 win to their coaches. In particular using “touch”. Way to go!!! Now we’re tied 2 to 2, and D2 is finishing the last few games of their match. Patti H and Susan were evenly matched with the other team. In the first set they were even. Canton won the first set in tie-break 7-6. Smashers were up in the second set by three games but they lost the second narrowly at 6-4. – Reported by Karen Deaconr

Smashers do it again!

The tables and couches were all filled for this exciting match. Spectators, family members, and a dog named Willy, all made it to the big event today….. You all looked like professionals, kicking off your warm-up with the team running the lines of the court, the jog, the kick the hiny, raisin’ the knees, you know, the Tyler drill. There was the essential lower and upper body stretching that kept you all safe and lookin’ quite intimidating prior to the big event. I saw the sweat on the other team’s faces when they watched your pre-game work-out. Onto the match….. I came in late for the singles, but saw a very happy Catherine emerging victorious up the stairway. She reports a solid win 6-1, 6-2 at S1. Catherine’s ability to hit the lines and run her competition ragged in that side-to-side ball placement was the key to her success. Lisa, at S2, took the red-eye home from Vegas to play in this match. Our jetsetter played hard against a very fit and experienced player. She lost a mighty battle, 3-6, 1-6. Patti and “last minute” Laura played at D1. We found out at the end of the match that it was really a battle of two 3.5’s and two 3.0’s. One of each per team. So this was truly a 3.25 match. The other team hit very hard and were incredibly consistent. They drove the ball with a force to be reckoned with. They were incredibly hard to beat. There were some vicious rallies and Patti hit some beauties at the net. The scores (3-6, 2-6) do not reflect the effort put forth. Next to finish was D3, starring DiAnne and Michele…. These gals kicked some you-know-what. The before game phone calls, the late night strategizing ALL paid off. These ladies got into a rhythm and won many long rallies and back-to-deuce games. They took advantage of the other team’s weaknesses. There was no mercy when their opponents didn’t serve and volley. They made them pay! They spied a weak backhand, so they capitalized on that, too. When Michele found her serve when they were ahead, they were unstoppable! Not even a loud episode of self-inflicted bruising kept them down, both of them found their swings and their calm. It was beautiful to watch! They won both sets, 6-3, 6-2. D2, aaahhhh, D2 the deciding and final line. Sooo, Susan and Allison fought hard in some very long points. We all sat at the edge of our seats during, and especially at the end of this one. They managed to come back from losing the first set 2-6, to take the second handily, 6-4. Susan’s calm and getting everything, overheads, drop shots, lobs, etc on the ad court and Allison’s serve were the highlights. Both women possess wicked backhand volleys that were crucial to their success. They won the match tie break 10 to 6. VERY IMPRESSIVE The fans, who were in much better control than usual, went wild AFTER they won. A well-deserved standing O was their reward. Thanks for the pleasure of watching you all, the food was yummy and the other team was gracious and friendly. Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! -Reported by Karen Deacon