Pro Shop

Simsmore Tennis pro shop offers all the goods you need to play and look

your best!

Personalized racquet selection

Our philosophy at Simsmore is to choose a racquet and customize it to the player’s individual needs. This is the only place you can have a pro watch you play and then choose a racquet to fit your level and playing style. We can get any racquet on the market and we have racquets for any age player. We look forward to serving you and providing the best racquet for your game!

Custom racquet stringing

The string can matter just as much as the racquet! We have a full range of string types available. We will help you choose a string and the tension based on your style of play! Most racquets can be done in 24-48 hours. Specialty colors and stencils are also available.

grips, gear, etc.

Grip size is a vital part of control and the health of your arm! We will measure your grip to make sure it is right for you! We have many different types of grips and overgrips to get just the feel that is comfortable for you! We also carry all types of accessories and gear including hats, sweatbands, socks, tennis bags, and tennis balls.

Outstanding outfits

Its not only about the quality of your game play, its about how you look playing it! Browse our variety of sizes, colors and styles to what brings out the best in your game! We carry Men’s, Women’s and Children’s apparel including tops, shorts, footwear, outerwear, undergarments and Simsmore logo items.

 1 on 1 Match Video Analysis & DVD    Sales

Whats the best way to learn? Watch yourself play! With our completely unique camera system, we record your games and can analyze the match, point by point even stroke by stroke, fast forward, pause and slow motion. Book with an expert today!