Modern Courts

Simsmore Tennis offers 4 indoor courts with the finest indirect lighting, reflective shell, radiant heating system and air conditioning! The court surface has a cushion feel, with a slow court speed. The courts are purported to be the "softest hard courts in the valley." The color is ATP purple and green as used in multiple ATP and WTA events around the world. Additionally our purple on green surface enhances perspective so when the ball goes out, you can clearly see it. Nothing is worse for your concentration during a game than the constant glare or sunlight or cheap, down-spot "warehouse" lighting. Our state-of-the-art reflected lighting array provides high lumens without eye irritation or glare.

Comfortable Lounge

Relax after a match and watch other teams and players sweat it out on the courts from an elevated position in our lounge. Or grab a magazine and a cup of coffee from our fully-equipped kitchen and sink into a comfortable armchair. There are exercise machines to help you warm-up and stretch before your match. Our 2 Flat screen TVs are available to watch professional tennis and other sports action from around the world. Our handcrafted stone fireplace is a beautiful place to relax and you can see the courts as well! 

Exercise Room

Prepare for your tennis by stretching or using our treadmill or bike.  Equipped with television that provides cable offerings as well as video court views.

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Our Club kitchen is open for use by all members and boasts an Ion Water filter for water bottles as well as One-Cup coffee brewer for instantly enjoying your favorite coffee. The kitchen provides and excellent amenity if you plan to stay and catch up with friends after your match or host a party if you choose to reserve in advance.

Luxurious Locker Rooms

Our well decorated and finely appointed locker rooms will assure that your experience at Simsmore Tennis is comfortable.  Sauna, solid wood lockers & fireplace are just a few of the amenities that assure your comfort and ease before and after your court time.

Free Member Child Care

“Its YOUR time now” and sometimes your kids just don’t understand, therefore we provide the illusion that its also “THEIR time now” compliments of our childcare area. Here all kids under the age of 10 have plenty to keep them captivated while you sweat it out on the courts. This service is free to all Simsmore Tennis Club Members as long as you let us know you’re coming.